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The colors and you (2021)


Photography is the art of light, and light is a composite of colors. Both can influence how people perceive the world around them and specific hues of colors seen under natural sunlight may vary when seen under the light from an incandescent light-bulb: lighter colors may appear to be more orange and darker colors may appear even darker.

Colors appear to us in numerous forms, appearances ans man is able to perceive with free eye at least 2000 different shades. The fact is that we get around 87 % of all sensual impressions via a colored world created by our brain. Man uses colors and expresses himself through them but color can also work very much against you. This is the challenge I have faced in my professional life.

My first great influenced was John Hedgedcoe (1932-2010). He published a book entitled "The Art of Color Photography", in which he explained the importance of understanding the "special and often subtle relationships between different colors". He also described the psychological and emotional power that color can have on the viewer, since certain colors, he argues, can make people feel a certain way.

Also Cheico Leidmann, Ernst Haas, Jay Maisel, Pete Turner, Helmut Newton and more recently Jose Manuel Navia, David Alan Harvey and Alex Webb made an enormous impact on the way I see photography in color.

That is why I’m dedicating this collection to all of them.

"If color photography had been invented first, would anyone have missed black-and-white?" (Judy Linn, 1980)

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Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Tino Soriano divides his work between photojournalism and travel photography. He has been honored with numerous national and international awards from groups such as World Press Photo, UNESCO, and FotoPres, among others...

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Fotógrafo del National Geographic, Tino Soriano

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