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Oaxaca (Mexico) - Day of the Dead (2015)


In the state capital, Oaxaca City, the festivities of Day of the Dead begin a week before the 1st and 2nd of November. Day of the Dead is the most time-honored and expressive holiday. It is an example of the harmonious relationship between Christianity and the pre-hispanic traditions found in this Mexican state.

Dressed as doctors, judges, teachers, tennis players and prostitutes, The "Catrinas" (female skeletons representations), engage in all kinds of activities from dancing, praying and drinking to hair styling and singing.

Every conceivable profession and pastime is burlesqued and well represented in the "comparsas"(Day of the Dead processions). Their human-like antics draw smiles from passersby. And indeed, on this day, Mexicans view skeletons as funny and friendly rather than spooky and scary.

Oaxacan Day of the Dead celebrations take place over several days. The main events take place from October 31st to November 2nd, but there are related activities that take place before and after these dates.



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